TennesseeCAN released the 2019 results of its annual surveys of statewide K-12 District Leaders and School Leaders, uncovering important opinions and views among Tennessee’s education leaders about school- and classroom-level issues affecting students.

“From the results of this year’s District and School Leaders surveys, we saw a large increase in the majority of both groups perceiving the state of education in Tennessee to be positive,” said Charlie Bufalino, Director of Policy and Strategy at TennesseeCAN. “However, budget constraints and the school funding formula continue to be leading challenges for supporting students in our classrooms. In fact, the results show substantial support from each group to transform the BEP to be more equitable so all students can receive a high-quality education.”

Importantly, 60% of District Leaders and the majority of School Leaders support altering or overhauling Tennessee’s funding formula. In fact, 0% of District Leaders think the BEP formula should stay the same.

Further, both groups identified Budget as a constraint that hinders their ability to improve student outcomes. The support from District Leaders is particularly high (94%).

There was also a sizable increase of district leaders who have or are considering piloting or implementing student-based budgeting.

These and more insights from these surveys are helpful in informing decision-makers on new or enhanced Tennessee education policies needed at the state and local levels.

Click to read the District Leader Survey Results: https://tn-can.org/research-showcase/2019-district-leaders-survey-results/

Click to read the School Leader Survey Results: https://tn-can.org/research-showcase/2019-school-leaders-survey-results/


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